Sandy Litchfield

Gallery Affiliations: Carroll and Sons

Region: Northeast

Most of my work is derived from walks near my home in Amherst, Massachusetts and a lake I visit in the Adirondack Mountains. In my working and walking practice, I imagine surrounding place as much as it surrounds me. Often, I will come home from a walk and make a map-like drawing or watercolor that describes my recent journey. I like to envision place as something fluid rather than solid, flexible as opposed to ridged. It moves around us as much as we move around it. Its changing nature evokes feelings of uncertainty and vulnerability as well as wonder and awe.

I am influenced by Chinese and Japanese scroll paintings, geological maps and ancient cartographic imagery. I'm particularly interested in the false attempts by mapmakers to understand place; how one strains to gain perspective when accurate measuring devises are not available and, more importantly, how the imagination fills in what we do not know.