Samantha Rosado

Region: South


City / State: Charlotte, NC

 My current work deals with the materiality of paint through varied applications, surface development, and color to contribute to both the pictorial and expressive qualities of an image. I do this through a combination of figure and landscape studies, and recontextualizations of paintings from art history. I am refining my palette, surface, and space by focusing on color interactions, brushwork, and their relationship to the picture plane. In my paintings I tell stories of identity, heritage, and family. My work has been described as pages from a journal, giving honest descriptions of family dynamics surrounding the intersections of sexuality and religion, children and parents, siblings and in-laws, and the culture of Puerto Ricans living on the mainland and on the island. In these family portraits each component carries personal meaning for me, which I attempt to convey with a sense of humor through placement and characterization.