Samantha Bittman

Gallery Affiliations: Thomas Robertello Gallery

Region: Midwest

In my paintings I explore the flux of perception through rigorous visual systems of assertive and contrary elements. In decoding the material construction and building strategies of a work, viewers become aware that the logic of the blueprint breaks with the experience of the work as a whole. The process of seeking understanding points them to awareness of their own perceptual faculties. There is no single way to perceive the paintings’ refractive breakdown of the elements of logic, cognition, experience, and reality. My hand’s painstaking process parallels the relationship a viewer often establishes with the paintings: the slowness and careful attention with which they are made demands time for engagement. A shift in the viewer’s physical proximity to the work may suggest new observations and sensations, thwarting expectations and polarizing the viewing experience from one moment to the next.

Featured on the NAP Blog:
August 5th, 2013