Sam Kyser

Region: Pacific Coast


City / State: Los Angele, CA

My practice is centered on an exploration of the physical and cerebral spaces that exist on the borders of the modern-day environment, and how these occurrences are represented and interpreted as photographic objects. This involves a constant negotiation between the seemingly opposed concepts of representation and abstraction, singularity and multiplicity, and a commitment to and a suspicion of the practice of photography. The medium of photography becomes a way to collect and recontextualize the aesthetic choices and anomalies of others present in my surroundings. By manipulating the spatial plane of my photographs, skewing the traditional separations between painting, photography, and sculpture, and juxtaposing them with one another in open-ended compositions, I both subvert and enhance the spatial illusions that comprise the underlying transactions that occur between the photographic image and the viewer. I attempt to create an ever-evolving cycle of seduction (through artifice) and alienation (through photographic representation) for the viewer to exist in. Together these discordant elements can coalesce into something whole and offer an alternative at once referential, material, and abstract.