Sam Dienst

Region: MFA Annual

 My visual language is born out of the common domestic landscape and the elements within those spaces that express a specific emotional resonance for/to/on me. Bodies, household objects, food, and nature all fuse together inside the composition to emphasize the complexity and interdependence of objects, all of which form the subjective experience I call reality. It is through the use of a vast array of color in the two-dimensional plane of tapestry that the boundaries of these forms become increasingly entangled.

I am forever thinking about more than one object and moment at a time; the simultaneity of thought is best evoked through numerous subjects coexisting in one work. I distill the adjective power that objects and spaces wield by deconstructing and then reconstructing them through drawings. A deliberate obscuring of separate forms breaks down the hierarchies between living and inanimate, real and fictional. The materiality of tapestry weavings carries with it the paradox of my explorations, as the weavings are themselves both physical objects and representational images.