Rusty Scruby

Gallery Affiliations: Turner Carroll Gallery, McMurtrey Gallery

Region: West


City / State: Dallas, TX

In the last decade, my work has focused increasingly on units of visual information played out along structured grids. I think of my artwork as experiments helping me to define a scale and ultimately a language of repetition. I am fascinated by simple systems that become complex—four amino acids, ACGT, forming DNA; twelve notes and their simple integer relationships creating infinite expression in music.

I currently cut and fold my charcoal drawings to make paper constructions, each forming its own tripod like shape. The drawings overlap and weave together to yield an intact image. I call this structure Cube Network. I have spent a lot of time as a knitter; as I made knit variations of Cube Network, I noticed not just the series of corners, but how the surface implied a hidden woven series of three interlocking structures. I use the shift of context between the image and this structure as a way of exploring line and space.