Ruhee Maknojia

Region: West


City / State: Houston, TX

 I am a South Asian American painter, installation, and animation artist whose art practice developed around the colorful heritage of textiles and patterning and how they can act as a base to connect mundane moments of contemporary life with rich layers of thought inspired from magical realism, philosophy, history, and storytelling.

n anthropology, clothing is one of the early indicators distinguishing humans in the animal kingdom. From prehistory to the present day, textile, to some degree, holds a language of universality that binds the human condition. For me, painting and creating patterns that derive from the print-in-textile tradition can make visible intricate historical constructs that are embedded in contemporary life.

I study how different individuals, groups, and cultures have used pattern-filled fabrics to shield their bodies from the elements, express their identity, and give philosophical meaning to their lives. I derive these historical rich patterns into new forms and shapes, placing various motifs with the contextual understanding of history to redefine the “decorative” as an active participant in the storytelling process.