Roxa Smith

Gallery Affiliations: George Billis Gallery

Region: Northeast

In my paintings of interiors, I strive to capture and distill fleeting moments in time. My paintings seek to illuminate the “spirit” of a space. The images are often devoid of people, yet evocative of life intended not to purely document a place but to portray its essence.

I concentrate on the architectural details, the source of light and the complex patterns within a composition. The isolation and juxtaposition of these elements create a picture that is anything but a straightforward image. I admire Medieval tapestries because of the tension between the pictorial depth and the flatness of these woven surfaces. I try to take a similar approach contrasting perspective with details and pattern repetition to create a visual tableau that playfully manipulates space. My paintings border on the voyeuristic yet are reverential depictions of places that engulf the observer in a luminous concert of color and warmth.