Ronald Jackson

Region: South

Being mainly a figurative artist, I seek to capture intimate settings to use as a gateway for exploring the human experience. A comprehensive catalog of unique experiences is veiled behind every silent gaze of the human expression. My work is influenced by the genre of magical realism, which gives a prominent place for addressing concepts via emotion, mood, and imaginative means. I refer to my work specifically as “non-urban art,” though I neither consider it rural art, nor is it specifically about rural life. I seek to reference time periods of the past that connect Black and Brown peoples to a non-urban context of which their close and distant ancestors lived.

My goal is to create an interactive experience in which the viewer is compelled to speculate about the stories of depicted individuals. Life is complex and it presents an intricate maze of challenges and opportunities for each one of us to navigate. This is our journey, and I am exploring the psychological impacts of this journey through the practice of figurative art.