Ron Laboray

Gallery Affiliations: Peter Miller Gallery, JK Gallery, Hoffman LaChance Contemporary

Region: South

I make works that combine conceptual rigor, light-hearted humor, and the beauty of a well-crafted object. Formally, I am interested in visual spatial dynamics. Today’s two-dimensional experience is more dynamic than ever, and this has influenced my paintings, which oscillate between abstract mapping and photographic representation. Abstraction and photographic representation are not placed in opposition to each other, but are related through actual, perceptual, and procedural connections. Because of popular culture’s ability to distill beliefs, desires, and life lessons, we can see history told through the images and objects a civilization produces. My objects reflect the time they were made, as I use current technologies, synthetic materials, and digital data bank websites that have recently emerged. The materials, the information, and the expression are from our time and metaphorical of our shared experience, embracing the validity of the art object as historical document or anthropological artifact.