Robin Jayne Henderson

Region: South

City / State: Jackson, MS

Robin Jayne Henderson is a mixed-media artist with an archival impulse. It is important to note that this impulse is not about scientific sorting and classifying, but about the childhood habit of keeping treasures in a shoebox under the bed. It is about finding wonder in the everyday detritus of life. She is a collector of castoffs: objects, images, and indexical marks left behind in the world.

In combining these cast-offs with text, Henderson makes physical the random associations that take place within her subconscious. It is a way to create markers in her memory about relationships and events in her life and to explore the memories already embedded within her subconscious. She draws inspiration from a wide variety of cultural sources, combining them to create new meaning. From literature, music, and personal relationships to artistic influences and theoretical concepts, all personal, social, and intellectual knowledge is fodder for Henderson’s work. While combinations in the work may appear random, they express correlations between thoughts and memories to create a narrative of the subconscious.