Robert Yoder

Gallery Affiliations: Frosch & Portmann, Platform Gallery

Region: Pacific Coast

My current work is an investigation of my emotional and physical fantasies. I work with predominately industrial materials such as vinyl adhesive films and reflective tapes and imagery from high end lifestyle magazines. The resulting collages are minimal and graphic, many of which reference the male figure. I am interested in private and vulnerable moments and how they occur. Whether these moments are created during acts of intimacy or acts of shame are of equal insignificance. The ability to connect with another person, both physically and emotionally, is interesting to me. Showing this euphoria has been my challenge in the studio.

My works ask the viewer to experience the confusion and excitement inherent in relationships. To expose myself, to show my strengths and weaknesses, is vital in my collages. Conceit, betrayal and guilt combine with romance and devotion to form an uneasy tenderness. This fragile moment is often best shown without extraneous information. The minimal imagery is important to me; it highlights the uneasy exchange between hesitation and determination, truly a human characteristic.

Featured on the NAP/Blog:
January 12, 2013