Robert Stone

Region: Pacific Coast

City / State: San Francisco, CA

I’m inspired by art that provokes visceral and emotional responses, often based on enigmatic qualities having little connection to story line, narrative, or metaphor. My work focuses on the manipulation of space, light, scale, and shape to initiate these emotional connections.

This group of paintings explores the boundaries between two- and three-dimensional space, and between precise mechanical production and the handmade gesture. From a distance, the aggressive compositions may suggest abstract landscapes, geological formations, architectural environments, or even technology. Up close, the textural paint surfaces invite an additional level of exploration and engagement. Ultimately, the viewer’s perception of each painting is conditioned by its interaction with light, movement, and the surrounding environment.

Repetition and multiples are also recurring themes. I often display groups of works that are identical in format, causing the relationships within each painting to be amplified and extended by the added context of its neighbors.