Robert Lange

Region: South


City / State: Charleston, SC

There are no ordinary moments.

I make paintings that will someday create a history and collective memory of my life. I appropriate the photographs taken by my wife, family, friends and myself in order to create a visual journal of time spent. Without specific allegiance to any genre, I paint all my subjects with a portrait-like significance.

When creating a painting I omit elements of the environment surrounding a subject or intensify little details that convey the subject's role. Employing a signature of stark lights and darks infused with vivid color, my painted world gives context clues to my life. There is no political commitment or social self-importance in my work; rather these are representational paintings of simple heightened moments.

Painting is a basic medium, all you need are canvases, paint and brushes; with these minimal means you can achieve a maximum effect. The effect of a shared optimistic moment is irrevocable.