Robert Horvath

Gallery Affiliations: Packer Schopf Gallery, Bert Green Fine Art

Region: Midwest

ur modern society, like never before, is bombarded by media images focused on celebrity and obsessed with wealth and luxury. Tempted by the glow of the spotlight, and seduced by its excesses, the message seems to be that our problems and those of our world can be solved simply by shopping. Against a backdrop of impending pandemic threats, world-wide political and religious warfare and climatic upheaval, self-centered displays of physical vanity and selfish, aggrandizing behaviors have become a vogue; and bankable means of defining our selves and by extension, our cultural persona.

In my most recent oil paintings on panel, I am exploring this relationship between what's real and what's not. Abstract forms have replaced figures as the "subject" in my work. A sparkling color-rich surface world overlays and entwines one that is more dark and color neutral. The glittery, bulbous forms sparkle and pulse with colored light, gas and an unseen energy. Dynamic tension is presented but remains unresolved.

Using a technique of glazing in multiple layers, I create densely colored and highly detailed images. Abstraction rendered in amplified detail, the exact meaning of my work is ultimately left to the viewer.

Defined more and more by media aimed to further capitalism, our individual and collective identities are being recast. In my recent work, I encourage the viewer to consider for himself or herself - and for society, the implications of looking myopically past our human condition toward the increasing glow of celebrity, wealth and luxury.