Richard Tinkler

Region: Northeast

 I make drawings and paintings and I consider both to be of equal importance. Sometimes ideas for paintings will come from drawings, but also sometimes ideas for drawings will come from paintings. The main difference between them is that the paintings are wet and the drawings are dry. Much of what happens in the paintings comes out of the paint’s wetness. The paintings almost always start off in a very similar way, almost as a repetition of something I’ve done before, but as the work progresses invariably something goes wrong or I’m somehow unsatisfied. This leads to a process of trying to correct the work, and from desperation and a sense of failure comes something I’ve never done before, which will be the solution. When I start to see something I’ve never seen before in one of my paintings, I know I’m on the tight track, and I just keep pushing the work until I can’t think of anything else to do and then I stop.