René Trevino

Gallery Affiliations: C. Grimaldis Gallery

Region: South


City / State: Baltimore, MD

History is subjective, there are so many blurred lines and so much distortion. Context and point of view is very important, one person's hero is another person's depends on who tells the story. As a gay Mexican-American I have always felt excluded and under-represented by history. By working from old photographs and using history as a backbone for a lot of my work, I can reweave these "lessons" of the past. My work is an attempt to make our already complicated history even more complicated...the more layers that I present, the closer I can get to something that might resemble truth.

Throughout my work are themes of identity; I am interested in challenging traditional ideas of race and sexual orientation. I feel compelled to make thoughtful and beautiful work that confronts societal assumptions and gives new insight into our human experience. My work addresses a personal quest for heroism and bravery and a need to define my place in the world.