Regina Scully

Gallery Affiliations: Heriard-Cimino Gallery, Boltax Gallery, C24 Gallery, Dunham Place Salon

Region: South

My paintings attempt to show the phenomena of contemporary cities and spaces from my own embodied perception, that is, from the perspective of being inside these as opposed to viewing them from afar. Thus, my personal experience of the environment pervades; objects and spaces exist in an amplified setting in which the excesses of our society have created an abundance of remnants. I endeavor to counter this fragmentation with an expression of harmony, to generate a feeling of accord that emerges in an atmosphere of dissonance.

The city is an amalgamation of pieces, spaces, and events that collide and detach, connect and disconnect. In my paintings, forms and space are broken up and then hybridized through color, intuitive line, pattern, and fantastical bits of imagery. The space in which these forms exist varies; it is an undulating ground, a quiet architectural structure or it is air, swirling with directional lines suggesting movement and resonance. In this way, my paintings are meant to reference a dialogue between fragmentation and unity, between devastation and rejuvenation.