Regin Igloria

Gallery Affiliations: Zg Gallery

Region: Midwest

My work describes perceived human conditions through the observation and experience of Nature. A romantic ideal has always lingered in my mind about the outdoors: hiking, camping, exploring the rural landscape. I find beauty within these activities, both psychological and physical, and make an effort to partake in them as often as possible. I feel particularly drawn to the wilderness because my urban upbringing instilled in me a very Western take on Nature-that happiness can be sought by escaping the daily routine.

My observations of Western culture and its relationship to Nature come from the mindset of the consumer. I document my travels extensively like a tourist, mostly through picture-taking, but am never satisfied with sharing scenes through photographs. I have reverence for the souvenir, but discourage accumulation. My tendency to leave is usually fed by my resolve to return. There exist both positive and negative connotations in wanting so much, and my work reflects this opposition. My drawings and books utilize the tactics of popular imagery seen in catalogs, outdoor magazines and public phenomena-examples of cultural media-to convey this emotional plight.

Longing to be elsewhere, of finding a home which may never be lived in is a joy in itself. The physical act of creating my work is a slow, methodical process. I participate in such an activity as I might on an outdoor hike, experiencing its difficult moments, continuing forward, finding a place to stop and rest, and moving forward once again.