Rebekah Goldstein

Region: Pacific Coast


City / State: San Francisco, CA

My paintings depict imagined structures and spaces. As they ignore laws of gravity and perspective, these structures can exist only within the world of a painting. I draw on imagery both from my immediate surroundings—parts of architecture, landscape, textiles, and human form—and art history. This disparate imagery is integrated into my work through the process of painting. What was once recognizable becomes increasingly ambiguous and idiosyncratic.

Throughout a body of work, I build up my pictorial language with a specific set of symbols, shapes, forms, and colors. These fragments become recurring characters. In a single painting I reassemble, fracture, and choreograph these visual elements, working improvisationally until I arrive at an image held together by its internal logic. The boundary between depiction and the abstract is central to my investigation, as is creating an image that fluctuates between the familiar and the indecipherable.