Rebecca L. Wallace

Region: Pacific Coast

The images I create are about our attempts to capture something, and ultimately failing. They are perhaps an attempt to recover something that has been lost. I am very interested in the idea of temporality and the fleeting present. These paintings are of landscapes that are fractured or fragmented. I use aspects of mediation, such as the camera or TV monitor as a way to discuss the viewer’s relationship to space, and to emphasize the ideas of looking and separation. On one hand these elements create a barrier, and on the other they allow for an entry point and engagement. Disruptions such as lens flare and light are used as a means not only to point back to our mediated experience, but also to discuss that which lies outside of our control. Light source can be read as both mechanical and spiritual. I find this duality very interesting. This work speaks to the tradition of landscape painting through our contemporary experiences, and strives to locate the sublime within our surroundings.