Rebecca Kaufman

Region: Pacific Coast


City / State: Oakland, CA

A vast majority of people now prefer text messages to real-life interactions, indicating the extent to which social and personal disassociation is the new normal in a visual world where images on screens have become more compelling than objects in the real world. The slow, methodical process of painting exists in stark contrast to our rapid image consumption rates. In collaboration with analog video synthesis technology, I generate glitched images to explore optical anomalies through traditional painting. My paintings reflect the dissociative realities and the somatic experience of the screen and its ability to launch us into a hypnotic trance.

My work also reflects the modernist concept of the activeversus- passive viewer. Painting often lends itself to a passive viewing experience. I disrupt passivity by using repetition and color to produce a powerful visual encounter that both repels and hypnotizes without consent. Experienced viscerally, the work demands a continued engagement between the eyes and the body, much like the addictive technologies we rely on today.