Ranee Henderson

Region: Pacific Coast

Website: http://www.raneehenderson.com/

City / State: Los Angeles, CA

I wish that I were a producer of sense, or a professional arranger of structures. But, honestly, the art that I am currently making is just for me. I’d like to say that there is more to it. Maybe I could manufacture some meaning or ply my intentions with some upper-level smarts, but no. It’s a base study of influence and reaction, from a time when I was pretty unimpressed with the predictability of most everything. But that was no way to live, so I decided to look harder. This has become the chief concept of my work: tracking and uncovering the anomalous substances in life, the subtle pluses and minuses that build us or break us. People are capable of dumb and wonderful things, and I am beginning to appreciate that it is all worthwhile.