Randall Tiedman

Region: Midwest

My current work reflects the trend of Psychogeography and the Derive. This is more by reaction and intention. Psychogeography is the study of geographical settings, consciously managed or not, acting directly on the mood and behavior of the individual. Psychogeometry research is carried through nonscientific methods such as the derive, aimless drifting through the city trying to record emotions given by a particular place and mental mapping; the production of mood based maps. I use no reference material, as the work is done entirely from memory. I want to work to retain a visionary edge. This process of mental mapping is hazy and leaves the creative act to fill in the details. I continually shred and dismantle the images till the painting pulls into focus.

"A low shoreline; air glazed like amber; derricks and jetties above brown water; the silver geometry of a petrochemical complex, a vorticist assemblage and cylinders and cubes superimposed upon the distant tableau of mountains."

–JG Ballard