Ralph Pugay

Region: Pacific Coast

I paint absurd situational narratives, constructed through the
melding of incongruous symbols and ideas, where the mundane
and fantastic converge. For me, painting is a habitual exercise for
celebrating odd thoughts and phenomena that would normally
be disregarded as fleeting and incidental, like daydreams,
that nonetheless exist in an elusive in-between space. Many of
my ideas for subject matter arise from conversations, seeing
something outside, reading, watching a movie, or daydreaming. I
make it a point to write ideas down as they manifest, making them
as descriptive as text can be of visual form. Over time, I’ve come
to appreciate this archive of ideas as a map for finding patterns in
my own way of thinking, as well as a basis for work.

Featured on the NAP/Blog:
December 17th, 2014