Rafael E. Vera

Region: Midwest

Website: http://www.rafaelevera.com

City / State: Chicago, IL

Borders, contradictory in nature, simultaneously reveal and conceal; they both define and collapse the identity and purpose of a space.

My work explores the elusive aspects of a structure that, despite its familiarity, remains unknowable. I investigate this struggle in the ambiguous and unresolved limbo of the home. Incomplete structures, formally and conceptually, create in-between spaces where the void and the defining line interact and coexist. They are compromised. They are unsettled. They are points of departure and arrival, overlapping one another and striving for identity.

Foundations, for a home, seem a little obscene. Rarely exposed, they are blind cavities, elegant and purposeless, like organs separated from a body. They signify potential and yet they appear still. They are voids, suspended in time, defying resolution, detached from their function of supporting a structure.