Rachel Meginnes

Region: South

Website: http://www.plainweavestudios.com

City / State: Bakersville, NC

In its worn and tattered state, the retired quilt reveals a rich history. With its faded colors marking the passage of time and its torn edges signaling the end of its utility, the quilt is stripped of both personal history and practical functionality. As a signifier of past experience, the quilt has become my metaphor for loss and persistence. Through stitch-by-stitch deconstruction, I remove the quilt’s central layer to expose the wear and tear within. Sometimes gaping, sometimes minor, the holes in the batting depict inner damage as well as profound beauty.

Using thread and paint, I turn these leftover webs of fiber that once lay on a bed into dimensional paintings for the wall. Color and pattern mark each surface, highlighting old channels of stitching and all previous indications of making. My objective is not to preserve or conserve, but to pay tribute to the ability to persevere.