Quintin Gonzalez

Region: West

In my painting, I have chosen to create works that infuse the language of abstraction to an art-making process that is intrinsically informed by issues of the era in which we live. For me, the pure abstract image conveys the nuances of culture and emerges from a process of total and complete autonomous action. Narrative transforms into an impulse that is guided by intuition, reason, and the will to express the experiences of life into line, texture, color and shape.

The method in which I have created my paintings is profoundly affected by the sheer fluidity and absolute sensitivity of automatist abstract painting. Therefore, these works are expressions of my trust in the power of chance and impulse to imbue the pictorial surface with expressions that are a direct manifestation of my experiences with the act of painting.

Visual form is the vehicle by which these concepts are developed and the process of abstract painting is one where I can perpetually and avidly seek meaning. It is in this search that an insight into artistic integrity becomes the ultimate motivating force that causes me to seek a level of expression that entrusts the finished work of art as an unending source for revelation and profundity.