Ping Zheng

Region: MFA Annual


City / State: providence, RI

Born in China, I grew up in many different geographic regions and was surrounded by starkly contrasting natural environments. My inspiration is grounded in my memories of these landscapes. Studying in London, I became aware of the power of freedom and imagination in shaping my world. I began to connect my childhood fascination with natural environments to my artistic practice. My practice became a type of freedom, and through an exploration of freedom came a growing opportunity to express my point of view. During the past two years at RISD, I have had the chance to get closer to the essence of landscape, the language of sky, land, mountain, and water becoming living metaphors of limitless possibilities—a virginal space for creation. The work explores the perception and relationship between image and abstraction, combining a love of color with a simple pictorial language. It also allows infinite scope for imaginative freedom beyond the ambiguity of the inner landscape.