Philip Gabriel Steverson

Region: West

Inspired by the complex nature of life and the intricate mannerisms of people, I share my discoveries through multiple mediums in art. Through my journey of self-discovery, the lessons that I find significant not only serve my artwork but will also serve to inspire individuals with neglected creativity. Drawing inspiration from depictions in cinema to a concrete reality shared by all inhabitants of the world, I use what I see as a muse for my creativity. Proceeding after an excursion to the Netherlands, I began to unlock my own creativity. In the time since, my work has evolved into figurative images, continuing its evolution as I begin to add fabric onto my paintings. As a painter, I portray the African American experience, sharing my story with compelling images that embody the beauty of Black life and the sorrows. As a poet, I use words to expose internal emotions with metaphors and similes, while sheltering an external image through rhythm and flow. Using fashion design as a tightly woven basket to carry my unique skills and traits.