Peter Opheim

Gallery Affiliations: Steven Zevitas Gallery, Boltax Gallery

Region: Northeast

In these paintings I have introduced the beginning of a narrative.

They suggest that a progressive story is unfolding. Each piece can be seen as both its own individual narrative and interpreted as part of a larger dialog with the other paintings. They are intended as a visual metaphor that address larger questions of concern.

How do we consider ourselves, both as an individual and who we are in the world? How much of an understanding can I have of myself? How do I spend my time? What is my relationship with others? What are these perceptions that I hold and are they fluid or fixed?

When I work, I create one painting at a time. When it is complete l can then decide on and begin the next piece, informed by the painting before it. So this is a narrative that is being written one painting at a time.

The paintings reflect that life itself has a slightly unreal quality to it.