Perry Marks

Region: Pacific Coast

Modern media creates experiences to attract, entertain, and satisfy artificially stimulated appetites. Similar to placating drugs, they function like the bread and circuses of the Roman Empire.

My current work breaks down and remixes elements and symbols from the past and present to create a new level of complexity. I strive to create a glitch in the system, a hiccup in the normal. By mixing the familiar with the uncanny I create a stop-the-clock moment. The viewer is caught in the crossfire between humorous and serious subjects. This commingling brings forward new ideas and raises questions about what is retained from the past and what is discarded.

I strive to push and pull perception outside the latest smartphone app, reality TV, or fast-food item to interrupt the business-as-usual. Ultimately it is a distraction from distraction that opens up the conversation of what is of real value in the world around us.