Pedro Troncoso

Region: MFA Annual


City / State: BRONX, NY

Despite art being passively present as I was growing up, I ended up studying aviation. While dealing with this universal decision, my honesty, intuition, and spontaneity from childhood were deteriorating. So, I quit aviation and moved to the United States, where my work now questions cultural roles, stereotypes, and uncertainties about identity. I explore a fantasy world that is fused with representational figuration of what remains of our genuine self as we “grow up” and adapt to society, incorporating the only toy remaining in adulthood: imagination.

Mainly inspired by childhood memories, the narratives are played by self portraiture or imagined alter egos. They inhabit dark, intimate interior spaces where, ironically, I mentally deal with external, real world anxieties, such as acceptance, gender roles, and self-image. Fragmentation and deconstruction of the figure allow me to juxtapose contradictory scenarios; they remind me of how our identity is constantly distorted and threatened by social standards. We are pushed to wear artificial masks in order to fit within the “norm” and expectations, repeatedly making me question what it even means to be my real self at this point.