Paul Wackers

Gallery Affiliations: Morgan Lehman Gallery, Eleanor Harwood Gallery, Alice Gallery, New Image Art

Region: Northeast

My work is first a response to the world, and then a reaction to what it has to offer. Images surround me as abstract concepts, presented by the curious interaction of forms, feelings, and situations. They offer a glimpse into the way the world is constantly reloading opportunities and options for reinterpretations and impressions. It might start with a beam of light passing through a window in the afternoon; within that beam is the potential for a full spectrum to appear. In my paintings, I try to create the feeling of getting lost in thoughts that are easily ignored or put aside. Many of my paintings come from films or newspaper articles or a walk down the street. The images tend to be of non-places, whose specifics are not important. The elements interact as parts of another world that is sometimes jarringly close to our own. It might be seconds away from becoming reality or a fleeting memory from a lifetime ago.