Paul Nudd

Gallery Affiliations: Western Exhibitions

Region: Midwest


City / State: Berwyn, IL

My “material cannibalism” heads/non-heads are paintings that form themselves: just add water, fluffed with a fork. Or, mustached entities speckled with fuzzy external greasethick brains, huge facial scabs, bulging eyeball-like masses, various bumps, lumps, and skids, gaping holes forming and deforming with mysterious pockets of vaporous nothingness. They are decapitated hermaphroditic frog-things drowned in pharmaceutical drenched bacteria-free pond scum and radioactive toxic schlock. They are three-tongued flies nesting in the hollowed-out eye sockets of a once-swollen, now blown-out lungfish. They are many other things. Often, their replacement paint-skin resembles a hair-mist. They are not ashamed to expose their prolapsed throats.