Paul LaMantia

Region: Midwest

My painting is a contradiction between impulse in order. There is a deep sense of urgency that has been created in the new century that challenges the way I process my experiences into a visual reality.

These groups of comic-inspired characters are locked in a claustrophobic horror vacuii Caricature of space. They are symbolic elements, as well as a form of the madness of reality. Circus-like sideshows creatures float in and out of shifting spaces, meandering through psychic spills like so much automatic writing.

The works are executed in a style that combines organic abstraction and pop, call make figuration. There is no preconceived planning a visual invention, or execution of materials. This method creates terrific failures and terrific artistic needs that can only be satisfied by exploring new ways to express one's vision, and to express one's aesthetic problems.

To base the work on conceptual or formal values would be a misinterpretation. The paintings are created in a highly subjective state and should be experienced on an emotional level.