Patrick Driscoll

Region: Pacific Coast


City / State: Indianapolis, IN

For the past several years I’ve been painting modest, consistentsize images that are not traditionally displayed. In the recent past, I stacked piles of unstretched paintings on the floor, inviting viewers to make physical contact by sorting through the work. My current work—now painted on T-shirts and underwear and stretched on shaped frames—continues this aspect of viewer contact. The work is suspended from clothes hangers on retail wall fixtures, and viewers are invited to sort through and arrange the displayed paintings.

Each painted section—a consistent 22.5 x 25-inch rectangle—is part of an ongoing image-making project that consults the rich history and vocabulary of modern painting. This work doesn’t focus on a particular subject or theme, and has a tone of playful exploration. I’m attracted to painting that is crude, that has a dopey logic and reflects the clunky nature of thought. With goopy paint and soft cotton, this head wanders.