Patricia Spergel

Gallery Affiliations: Kenise Barnes Fine Art

Region: Northeast


City / State: Larchmont, NY

I approach painting as a diaristic language informed by my environment and my experiences. It is a means of self exploration; a way of leaving an imprint, a visual residue. In my oils and monoprints, abstract forms hover on the verge of becoming recognizable, tangible objects. Private, secret events are glimpsed just before they move or change. There is a sense of anticipation in the works.

A number of recent paintings have developed out of my continued interest in yoga and more specifically, the sense of concentrated awareness of body in space and time that one attains from frequent practice. Forms surface and submerge, press against one another as if for support or come together as if magnetically, sexually attracted. In these works, idiosyncratic markings disrupt and energize the expansiveness of the surfaces and the solidity of the shapes, imbuing the paintings with a quirky sense of humor. The build up of paint on colored grounds creates a sense of colored air vibrating and breathing, inviting you to enter the paintings.