Parker Seward

Region: West

City / State: Florence, AL

As an artist with a longtime interest in street art and public design, I see this series, Living Ghosts, as a natural progression. Standing as one of the most culturally honest methods of creating an intimate and personal identity, this form of art was born of those who possessed no other means of expression, and is often created as a momentary way of dealing with one’s own reality. It provides a voice to those who feel the need to be heard, to proclaim “I am here.”

As an extension of these two art forms, the work I create combines elements from both in a way that allows letterforms to become abstract, transcending their typographical existence to become what appears to be a three-dimensional object. The object is then able to interact with the space of its environment, and, though created on a two-dimensional surface, it now exists in a fabricated reality that not only gives it literal depth but also life and self-assertion.