Paolo Arao

Gallery Affiliations: Jeff Bailey Gallery

Region: Northeast


City / State: West Shokan, NY

These works comes from a yearlong durational project consisting of fifty-two paintings.

I established three rules:

1) Make one painting every week of the year.
2) Make each one 18 x 15 inches.
3) Complete each painting in a single session.

I enjoy working with self-imposed restraints and systems. I don’t think of these restrictions as limitations; I see them as offering limitless possibilities. Intimately scaled, these paintings also utilize geometric abstraction as a base for addressing and exploring a queer narrative. My paintings are intentionally uncomfortable yet playful in their use of color and geometry. I love seeing ugly and beautiful colors collapsing happily or awkwardly into one another to create a dynamic and shifting space. At first glance, the paintings appear to be completely hard-edged, but on closer inspection, the edges reveal the imperfections that result from careful hand-painting.