Pamela Wilson-Ryckman

Gallery Affiliations: Gallery Paule Anglim

Region: Pacific Coast

Current events, violence, history painting, and more subjectively, the act of looking are interweaving themes in my recent works. Individually these themes emerge, recede, and realign as focuses of interest within each piece. They are expressed in a language informed by modernist abstract painting and the aesthetic sensibilities of early Japanese and Chinese ink painting. A focus in the past 5 years is to work with watercolor and ink on paper. I am interested in the dialectic between the use of a fragile, delicately expressive medium joined to a sometimes violent or intense imagery. What may result is a reflective view of the chaotic but stilled aftermath of a turbulent or catastrophic occurrence.

I’ve also been concerned to capture the flavor of the radical subjectivity of the individual’s experiences of mundane pleasure, reflection, or cognitive dissonance. The fragility of the watercolor/ink medium is highly conducive to the fleeting ephemeral character of such moments, iconic in their banality on account of their insignificance or so horrific that language cannot adequately communicate them.