Pallavi Sen

Region: MFA Annual


City / State: Williamstown, MA

It has not always been this way, but I draw now because I desperately want something to happen, some impossible thing. I feel so moved when I go to a place that people come to with faith, having little reason to believe that what I want can be summoned by me. Can I be sure that I will meet the lover I long for? How will I grow a full forest, having no land? How do I build a tall greenhouse that attracts more life than what I put in—a pollinator garden? I’m not sure it’s working, to want so intensely.

These scenes are manners of being, looking, that sometimes I am too shy to actually perform. Something to replace the present day. I believe and then don’t believe in magic: I look at the sky and make a wish, hoping to see a shooting star so that I get a confirmation receipt. Then, if I see another one, what I want will truly happen.

That’s what it is.