Orkideh Torabi

Region: Midwest

The primary source of inspiration for me is the current repression of women throughout patriarchal societies. Growing up, I gradually recognized how women do not benefit from the same opportunities as men in their everyday lives. Having consistently observed how many facets of society are established to favor men over women, I questioned how my life would differ if none of these boundaries existed. My work depicts scenes that women would be typically excluded from, even though it’s entirely normal for men to be doing such things—drinking, picnicking, swimming, celebrating freedom. In this repressive reality, women are limited in power. Through painting, I create a space where I can mess with these men and play with them on my own terms. I depict men as funny, cartoonish figures in decorative colors. This representation aims to mock the complex and fragile masculinity of patriarchal societies in which men control every aspect of life. I consider the advantages of being a man, while using humor to question these social norms.