Olivier Souffrant

Region: Midwest

 Having survived the 2010 earthquake that displaced him to Chicago from his native Haiti, Olivier Souffrant reshapes experiences of duress and endurance by channeling them into beauty through disruption. The foundation of his practice lies within challenging the illusions and allures of life that we as a society have attached ourselves to. By mixing digital collage, painting, and appropriation, his unconventional methods raise questions about accessibility and creativity within the contemporary art world. He uses the digital process as a double-edged sword to elevate digital media while simultaneously critiquing consumer culture and the digital world. Souffrant’s visual discourse draws from a deep well of art history, pop culture, and philosophy. Through an intentional selection of metaphors and language, each painting acts as a societal dissection, allowing Souffrant to reflect on the imperfections of self, hubris, despair, and desire.