Olivia Springberg

Region: South

Olivia Springberg is a multi-media artist from Washington, DC. She is currently studying painting at the Rhode Island School of Design. Charged by tactility and material exploration, her work employs various media, including sound, sculpture, and printmaking. Her pieces play off remembrances, visions, and feelings, presenting carefully manipulated narratives. Her work serves as a meditation—a way of dissecting and evaluating relationships, both inter and intrapersonal.

Within my art, I recall and examine ambiguous memories and interactions that affected me in an emotionally profound way. These instances are often brief, some even having occurred in dreams. I rework the perspective of the moments to exhibit the weight they carry for me. The process serves as a meditation that brings the act of remembrance into my artistic practice. By investigating the duality between the realm of memory and my range of experience, I can better understand memories and projections that are difficult for me to articulate. By visually representing my perception of these situations, I transferred their weight off my mind to the compositions.