Nolan Haan

Region: South


City / State: Ft. Lauderdale, FL

I am the cinder block whisperer.

Cement blocks exude strength, character, and personality. Like human beings, every cinder block is unique. Each has subtle imperfections yet each shares traits with others of its kind. Like society, cinder blocks gain in strength and versatility when many are used together to form walls and structures. As a metaphor for the human condition, each painting strives to convey an emotion, a state of mind, or a thought. Each endeavors to elicit a reaction, initiate a conversation, and establish a relationship with the viewer.

Painted in acrylic on silk, the trompe l’oeil paintings are mounted on a flat piece of hardboard cut to mimic the natural shape of the subject. No computer, photographic, printing, or silkscreen techniques are used.