Nishiki Tayui

Region: West


City / State: Dallas, TX

I am in-between, navigating between my native culture and those I have encountered in my experiences as a traveler and immigrant. The expression of this state of tension and my ongoing process of navigation are the subjects of my work. Juxtaposing aesthetics of disparate cultures on the canvas, I cast light on their similarities and dissimilarities, and shape my cultural identity in the spaces where they converge.

My methods are products of convergence, with my concept of in-between made manifest in process. Japanese patterns travel through various cultural compositions, guided by Western aesthetic principals, and here Western color symbolism wades through Japanese color schemes.

The effects of art are fundamentally experienced metaphysically. Through my work, I aspire to create an intangible goodness in the world, to transmit positivity to the viewer. The art objects, then, are the physical manifestations of this intangible experience.