Nicole Davis

Region: MFA Annual

 My current practice uses discarded textiles assembled to evoke personal, ancestral, and cultural memory as a form of sustenance and resistance within the patriarchal, capitalist, white supremacist societal structures we currently live in. I choose to use castaway and discarded materials in the making of art objects to serve as a metaphor for the people and things that exist on the margins of society. Reclaiming that which has been disposed of and/or rejected and highlighting its beauty and richness helps to recenter my orbit around humanness as opposed to maleness, greed, and whiteness. I use the accumulated history embodied within these found objects, and memories projected onto the objects by myself and the viewer, to tell a story that is different than the one the larger society declares as truth. It is through this practice that I sustain my humanness and resist and/or challenge the forces that wish to deny it.