Nick Z

Region: Northeast anyways....when I was younger, my mother use to take me to her mom's house on Saturdays...So I could see my grandma: Carmela Antoinette Covino.

My mother would talk extensively with her while simultaneously tidying up around her house.....and you know what I was up to?

This boy was scouring around her garage and out back of her property for pieces of plywood to prop up against the tree across the I could then spend hours skateboarding in the street and in turn popping up and down the slanted surface of the plywood leaning from the asphalt to the tree on the side.

After I got burnt out on that I would then retire to the couch in the parlor for the rest of the afternnon to watch her cable [ it's actually the place I saw George Romero's Night of the Living Dead for the first time] wamp wamp....

Anywho, my grandma would always give me snacks. More specifically, Peanut Butter Twix....the originals...with the yellow wrapper...individual bars....She hid them on me.....and I would always be like....rrrr....i want more than one....pff one doesn't fill me..cmon...but I dealt with it...........til one day..i actually discovered by accident where she kept the the back of the bread drawer with the sliding cover.

Needless to say, from that moment on....i never complained about just getting one delicious peanut buttery chocolatey snack.....cuz I would just get my own...