Nick Schleicher

Region: Midwest


City / State: Saint Louis, MO

Nick Schleicher’s work presents a formalist interest in painting and sculpture that’s submerged in both astronomical studies and nostalgic pop fiction. His most recent body of work, Colors in Space, investigates color-field painting through the process of pulling and stacking layers of translucent acrylic glazes to create worlds of suspended color. Through the use of neon colors and iridescent buffs, these saturated and exceptionally reflective color fields bring to mind images of celestial bodies, surfaces of futuristic megaliths, or pop references. The works’ reflective and iridescent nature is meant to celebrate their surroundings. Activated by light and movement, the color fields catch reflections in their uneven surfaces and merge those surroundings with the work itself, creating an intimate experience for the viewer in a unique moment of time and space.